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It’s amazing how alcohol will open people up, lets see how this pans out shall we?

(note: I’m setting this to post at 3pm today, trying to work out these scheduled posts so I can update when I’m traveling for events and comic cons.)
(note 2: I’ll be at Boston comic con this coming weekend, and the following weekend at Mohegan Sun in CT for another comic convention. Stop by the Fanboy Collectibles booth to say hi)

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Here’s a piece that I had started some time ago, and then due to other projects and commissions has been sitting untouched. Recently I started working on the piece again, and having just finished it, I’m glad I finally got around to working on it, as I’m quite happy with the outcome. Like much of my personal work there is some not so subtle symbolism intertwined with more subtle ideas. Although I certainly hope that the overall concept is read well enough.

Without further explanation of what the details mean, as it’s really however the viewer determines it that makes the details count or not count, here’s the image.

Bondage Through Heat2012
9″ x 12″ Acrylic on Watercolor Paper