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Oops,… well, may as well make the best of it. (Also it appears that I have finally figured out how to schedule updates, there’s so much I can do in advance now. regular JDGAF!)

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Well, that’s one way to wake up in the morning. Seems like Tiv, although disgruntled, is in his happy place.

Hair of the Cat:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

All previous JDGAF comics available at the bottom of the comic page. HERE


Some time around the end of last year or beginning of this year (not 100%) I was asked by an awesome couple to do some art for them. The request was to do a silhouette of a fairytale like tree, and a little girl on a swing set. Also, it was to be painted in the bedroom of their upcoming baby girl.

Will say a couple things about this, first, the couple and their family were amazing, making sure this particular artist was well fed and had anything I wanted to snack on, which is always a plus.  Second, and more important, it’s a great feeling when someone is confident enough in your abilities as an artist that they will hire you on to do something you’ve not done before. For a client to have that faith in my abilities is motivation in itself. Thankfully I didn’t disappoint, and they were super happy with the end result.

(click images for larger view)

Wide Angle

Tree Story

Swing time

Alexandra's Bed

Additionally, since Alexandra was born, they’ve also included me as a recipient of baby picture holiday cards. Which is kind of an awesome thank you in it’s own right. Glad to see that their beautiful baby girl is enjoying her fairytale bedroom.


Create Your World” 2014

Created this piece on Friday for a small local art contest at Williamsburg Artist and Craftsman Supply. The winner gets a nice new easel to take home with them, something I would definitely like to have as my pieces are starting to get bigger and leaning them against things in my house is getting tricky. So, to anyone who’d like to help out in that department, all you have to do is like the image on facebook in the competition page. Link is Here.

Also, if you havent already, would appreciate any and all likes/follows on my FB art page, James Groeling Art

Thanks all. More updates coming soon.


Firstly, my grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary in November, shortly before Thanksgiving. For their anniversary they invited their 4 children with spouses, and me, as I’m the eldest grandchild and still the only one able to drink legally. (way to go me!)

Now, every year at Thanksgiving, my family does a grab bag to see who will be getting a gift for whom on Xmas. It’s a fairly big family, and we all still give a little something here and there, but the grab bag is for a $50 gift so it’s a little more of an investment and takes some thought. This year, my mom got my grandmother, and I got my grandfather in the grab bag, so I asked my mom if she would go halves on a nice frame job for a portrait I would paint of my grandparents. She said yes, and I started working.

Fortunately my aunt was able to provide me with a bunch of really good pictures of the both of them, as well as their wedding picture. I also chatted with my mom a bit and found out that my grandparent’s honeymoon was in Paris, and they haven’t been back there since. So I whipped up a rough sketch to figure out the size, and set to painting. Originally I was going to do a full on detailed portrait of the two of them in Paris, but I started to realize that they might appreciate it if I took a few years off of them, left out a few wrinkles, and did the portrait of them as I see them still.

Here’s the piece, possibly still in progress pre-framing.


Just before Christmas, my mother, sister, and I went to the local Michael’s craft store on Long Island (I kind of love those places and have since I was a kid). Originally I was going to have it framed at some place near me closer to the city, but was concerned I might break it traveling out there, so waited on it. We were fortunate enough at the store to get the help of a very nice salesperson in the framing department. She custom cut the mat to my specifications, and helped us find a frame at a suitable size to what we were looking for. And,… we were just slightly over our budget, but well worth it. Here’s what the piece looked like after i finished framing it Xmas eve.


Definitely looks good. Applied an archival sealant, archival matting tape and all the fixings. On Christmas day, the look on everyone’s face, especially my grandfather’s was well worth the effort and expense, and very much reminded me of something I seemed to have forgotten. The coolest gifts aren’t the ones you buy at a store, but the ones that you invest time and work into creating from nothing.

Happy holidays everyone.

This past week I visited my family on Long Island, and my little sister gave me this VooDara doll that she picked up while on vacation. I updated my page yesterday (Thursday) with some sketchbook images, and when I checked my site stats today I realized I got a lot of hits within the past 24 hours and it pushed my page to a new milestone.

Coincidence? Who knows? But I will mentally link the two and thank both the good karma from family support, and the friends and fans that have kept checking in to see new projects and artwork, and shared my site with others. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the 10k mark.
Thank you.

My intended work has been getting progressively larger and more involved, so I’ve been toying around with some various ideas on ways to work larger, while maintaining a cost effectiveness. Frankly, my personal work doesn’t bring in too much bacon, but I’m going to keep making it til I die, and as it evolves, I know it will start paying off. So it’s a matter of keeping my costs manageable while I grow and take on bigger projects.
Anyway, one of the concepts I started playing around with is the idea of panels. I’ve done it for smaller works, and I’m sure I can get it to function well for larger pieces as well. But then I started thinking of varying ways to assemble pieces. I could do basic shapes, or I could consider doing odd shapes that make up other images….. ohhh, that could get fun. So here is a piece I started, basically with the concept of having it spread out over a couple panels, and then working with it from there. Essentially it’s practice for larger installation work, while also drawing something I enjoy and would like to share with others.
She’s still in the works, but you get the basic idea from these shots.

Production shot from early stages of the head area. I was greatly enjoying the requests from people to see if she was an elf, vampire, etc.

Teaser two. Got a few more of the same responses, and a couple requests for dates…. doh.

Teaser 3, which you’ll soon realize is some linework close up of hair/dreads/roots,…. whatever.

Wha0Bam! As you can tell, she’s a little more involved than the teasers really let on.  She’s been a lot of fun to draw, and work on. Still have about 15-20% to go (drawing and cutting) before I’ll get a highres scan of her to show off, but you get the visuals so far.
Check back next week for the finished version of her.

In February I was asked if I would be willing to donate a piece of artwork to ‘Make A Wish’ as one of the prizes that they will be raffling off at their yearly fundraiser on Long Island. The theme for this years fundraising event is Bouquet of Dreams, so I decided to create something specifically for the event, as a thank you to whomever wins the piece. Basically it was a nice way for me to make some artwork that will help raise money for a company that does some really great things.

Looking forward to seeing how many people are interested in the piece, and if I’m asked to create something for the next one as well. Anyway, here’s the image.

The image quality on this isn’t the best as I had to send it off before I got a good scan, but should have a better quality image to replace this with later if my contact can get me the scan soon.

The image was signed front and back as usual, with a note that it was addressed to ‘Make A Wish’, and a couple of business cards for the new owner.

Here’s a piece that I had started some time ago, and then due to other projects and commissions has been sitting untouched. Recently I started working on the piece again, and having just finished it, I’m glad I finally got around to working on it, as I’m quite happy with the outcome. Like much of my personal work there is some not so subtle symbolism intertwined with more subtle ideas. Although I certainly hope that the overall concept is read well enough.

Without further explanation of what the details mean, as it’s really however the viewer determines it that makes the details count or not count, here’s the image.

Bondage Through Heat2012
9″ x 12″ Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

Today/Tonight’s post was supposed to be put up yesterday, but I had a little bit of technical trouble with my PC briefly, so it’s up today instead.

What I’ve got to show you this time is two older pieces that haven’t been posted online before. They’ve both been shown in galleries already, and have had different opinions voiced on what they are and what they’re about.

First I have the safe for work image.

“Leaving Behind the Ghosts of the Past” -2010

This piece was done over a series of weekly sessions at a friend’s bar. Basically go in, get a canvas board, some paint, and some beer. That was my Monday night treat for a while around December of 2010. This piece is the product of that time, which is why the texture is different, the colors are not blended as well, and why the painting approach is a weeee bit looser than much of my older pieces.

The concept here was not planned, but rather it happened as I continued to paint. Much of my work ends up happening that way, although I start with sketches, get the basic idea, and then add to it in the painting. No sketch here.

The character, Janus, aka “Jimmy Rabbit”, is a comic character that I created in the likeness of myself in order to have a not-quite-self-based story, but to still include a lot of references and influences of my own life, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I’m scared of and what I hope for. The comic series itself is currently on issue two (in progress now), but will continue into a long series I think.

Anyway, what this piece in particular is showing, is (spoiler if you like to keep your own interpretation as the only) Janus walking past old wraith-like figures. Zombies is the general idea, but I think they are more the shells of old figures and faces and less ‘undead trying to eat brains’ types. Janus is walking toward the viewer and away from these figures, a small smile is starting to appear on his face in the form of a slightly curled lip. The smile was a representation of a new freedom, a saying goodbye to the old ghosts and demons of ones past, no longer being haunted by old memories, and instead walking into the light of a new chapter in ones life.

My images may not always seem to be positive, but you’d be surprised at how many really do have positive ideals integrated into the meaning. Seems like I’m one of those people that can see light in the dark, and beauty in the disturbing, and frankly I’m not going to change that.


Image number two, this one is probably NSFW as there is some nudity and sexual content…. I need one of those ESRB stickers here.

Another image that isn’t quite what people seem to think it is, and I find that very interesting, as I usually do. Also note, this is older than the first piece I showed, this was from mid November.

(spoiler) (scroll down for image if you’d like to see before the explanations)

What this was intended as, was a piece about self knowledge and self expression. The title is “Prayer to the Unrealized Goddess” wanna guess which one is praying and which is the goddess? haha. So, visually, we have two figures:

First, a demonic male figure, obviously a demon, very expressive and colored as to what he is, sitting atop a skull mound. His bright and patterned colors are meant to express beauty even in a darker form, (if you look closely at the wing pattern you realize that there is actually a heart shape n the wings, both as individuals, and a larger encompassing of both wings) the skulls represent death, but not the morbid end of life death that people usually associate skulls with, death as a change, and difference. and in this case change is something that this figure is accustomed to and has integrated into his life.Physically he is both holding up and pulling in the female figure, in a way he is praying, he is giving something to her, of which he is content.

The second figure, the woman, is the unrealized goddess. What you can see is two individual sets of wings emerging from her. There is the set that hangs lower, that mirrors the shape of the male demon’s wings and even embraces his, but lacks the color or patterning in any visible way. The second set is shown up and open, angelic in appearance but with darker patches, not quite pure and white, but almost as unremarkable as the first set of wings. Physically she is pulling the demon’s head toward her, clutching his horns as handle bars of sorts as she appreciates his ‘prayer’, but her head is facing up and over him, they are physically connected, but they are each in their own world in a way. Additionally her head is wreathed by a golden crown of sorts, which is barbed with a series of horns (similar to those of the demon). Lit from above she seems to be an in between of both demon and angel, she hasn’t come to terms with which world she belongs in, nor which she wants to be in. Thus the ‘Unrealized goddess’

It is essentially a piece about a relationship in which one is content with who and what they are and wants the other to be happy, where the lover is not sure what it is that makes them happy, nor what they are, or who they want to be. To me, sex can tell you a lot about a person, and I was trying to capture a message in this image of a specific moment, an intimate moment, on display in a non-vulgar way, but still something that most would not see. (cuz y’know, you can’t really find angel mixes and demons doing this kinda thing just anywhere, that’s why you come see what I’m working on, isn’t it?)

The image:

“Prayer to the Unrealized Goddess” – 2010

So that’s a flashback moment and an explanation of some older images of mine. Feel free to either have read and appreciated those, or to have completely ignored them and kept your own interpretations. If you feel like sharing, I’m always interested in what other’s interpret my work as.


JG out.