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The sign gigs have been going pretty so far. The more I work within the constraints of a limited set of colors and a black background, the more I realize i can just have some fun and create different looks. That might be part of why I’ve gotten a few call-backs to places to expand their sign selections already. Here are a few new ones for your enjoyment.

O’Hanlon’s on 14th street (just west of 1st Ave)

Pretty similar layouts with different art thrown into the mix. Also had a brand new, never before used board to play on which was pretty fun.  Set the opening standards high.

Ohanlons1   Ohanlons2

Exchange Bar & Grill on 3rd Ave between 20th and 21st streets.

Was asked to come in and do signs for their weekend brunch menu, and played around a little more with different looks. Although I have realized that the chalkboard pens I use are definitely going to be needing replacements already.

ExchangeBrunch1   ExchangeBrunch2

It’s been fun so far, although I still havent really started handing out cards at all the bars yet, mostly because I’m still figuring out what’s an appropriate price range for work and materials, and second because I’ve been out of town working on some projects so haven’t been local.

Will most likely have at least one new JDGAF comic up for you guys by next Monday, and another two by the end of next week. This traveling for work bit and lacking a portable computer are slowing down my updates. Going to have to correct that soon.

JG out.

Was recently asked by one of the businesses I’d done work for, to come back and do more of their signs.
Pretty much given free reign on what will work for their present look, and be legible, so this is what I created for them. Simple stuff to show off their draft menu. The smaller boards I just redid the lettering, the bigger boards I got to play with a little more.







Nothing mindblowing here, just simple ideas that make the boards more interesting and eye catching than simple lettering.
Hopefully more business along these lines coming up in the near future.

This past week I visited my family on Long Island, and my little sister gave me this VooDara doll that she picked up while on vacation. I updated my page yesterday (Thursday) with some sketchbook images, and when I checked my site stats today I realized I got a lot of hits within the past 24 hours and it pushed my page to a new milestone.

Coincidence? Who knows? But I will mentally link the two and thank both the good karma from family support, and the friends and fans that have kept checking in to see new projects and artwork, and shared my site with others. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the 10k mark.
Thank you.

Okay, okay, I’m back.

After a summer start involving massive requirements of both personal and professional time. It looks like things are back on track, and I’ll be updating again (yay!)

So, you can tell that you have time to do things again, when a hangout at the studio ends up turning into a fun night of, ‘draw on pretty much everything’. From work tables….

Because listening to Led Zeppelin with friends makes me wanna draw ‘white boy’ rockstars.

and then to the ping pong paddles…

Because no work place is complete without some fun ways to blow off steam and enjoy.

Also, my favorite (and the first one that I had just started doodling, before being told I had to do the rest)

So these being the images from that I can show you, enjoy. And check back soon as I’ve got a lot still coming.