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Ready for the Bacchanal


In October, I had finished my first mask making project after slowly working on it, a little at a time. Originally it had started as a simple sketch idea, that I picked up materials for and started, then got sidelined with life. As October rolled around, and I had some free time, I dove in and made sure that I devoted enough time to it that I would be able to finish it properly.


Started with a plaster mask from an art store. Immediately cut off the little rinky elastic strap, as well as the lower half of the face, as I wanted to be able to talk, eat, and drink with the mask on. Next step was to take wire mesh (wrapped around crumpled newspaper), and start forming the under structure of the horns. wiring the base of them into the pre-existing mask. Once the horn structure was about where I wanted them, flattened sheets of paperclay were drapped over the mesh, and sculpted into rudimentary horns. Ridges and smaller details were added later.

At a certain point I realized I wanted a darker look to it, and started cutting out the eye areas and the lower face using an Xacto, then wound up picking up a second mask to add the layered effect (also cut down). Some of the last lines on the face, and the trio of circles, were added by using Elmer’s glue to draw lines, and then building the layers up as each layer dried.

Then primed, and ready for paint. which was a solid basecoat of black spraypaint, followed by red and white, and some more black layering with sprays, before going in with brush to finish the small details and then sealing with a varnish coat.


mask sid

Mask closeup


Shown with mini sculptures.

Coupled with some makeup effects underneath, and a nice suit and some props, turned out quite well.

MeMask JamesMask

Here are some little poster images put together of the new figures that were made for the Carnival themed presentation at the Fountain Art Fair. The idea I was going with was loosely based on the Venice Carnival masks and costumes, which are both very beautiful, intricate, and often a little creepy. I may have turned up the creepy factor on a few of them because it’s more fun that way. Either way it went though, there was a lot of interest, and the booth sold several of the pieces I brought with me to display, of both these figures, and of the wooden panels that I showed.  So success was had and some of these little guys have new homes, as for the rest, they’ll be on my Etsy site later this week. Here’s the display at the event.


Clockwise from the Top Left: Humpty, Biscuit, Harlequin, Classy, Giggles, Argh the Pirate, Fumin’ Foomi, Grim, Yinnie, Blockhead the Ninja.

of the 10 displayed, 7 were new just for this show, the other three I’ll eventually make posters like these for as well, and then share those in a new page under artwork. But for now, here’s the sexiness that was these little weird fellas.














That should hopefully whet your appetites for now. More stuff to post this week, but not sure when I’ll have time to get back on just yet. However, you will be able to see, new JDGAF, some commissioned work, a sneak peek at Gauntlet, and possibly some shots of the current mural project all in the very near future. So check back in soon.

-JG out