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Ready for the Bacchanal


In October, I had finished my first mask making project after slowly working on it, a little at a time. Originally it had started as a simple sketch idea, that I picked up materials for and started, then got sidelined with life. As October rolled around, and I had some free time, I dove in and made sure that I devoted enough time to it that I would be able to finish it properly.


Started with a plaster mask from an art store. Immediately cut off the little rinky elastic strap, as well as the lower half of the face, as I wanted to be able to talk, eat, and drink with the mask on. Next step was to take wire mesh (wrapped around crumpled newspaper), and start forming the under structure of the horns. wiring the base of them into the pre-existing mask. Once the horn structure was about where I wanted them, flattened sheets of paperclay were drapped over the mesh, and sculpted into rudimentary horns. Ridges and smaller details were added later.

At a certain point I realized I wanted a darker look to it, and started cutting out the eye areas and the lower face using an Xacto, then wound up picking up a second mask to add the layered effect (also cut down). Some of the last lines on the face, and the trio of circles, were added by using Elmer’s glue to draw lines, and then building the layers up as each layer dried.

Then primed, and ready for paint. which was a solid basecoat of black spraypaint, followed by red and white, and some more black layering with sprays, before going in with brush to finish the small details and then sealing with a varnish coat.


mask sid

Mask closeup


Shown with mini sculptures.

Coupled with some makeup effects underneath, and a nice suit and some props, turned out quite well.

MeMask JamesMask

Gauntlet is something of a post-apocalyptic science fiction story that I have been working on for some time.  The first issue was one of my first forays into a full sized comic book, and although the story came across well, the artwork suffered, as I didnt plan my time for it well enough. For this, the second issue of the storyline, I planned my time much better, allowing for both traditional image making, full time for lettering and editing. All in all a much more successful venture, and a comic I am proud to call my own.

As such, I’m willing to share the full issue for multiple purposes. 1. showcasing what I can do, and 2. hopefully leading to more work in the comic field.

Will share the link to purchase the print volume shortly.

Gauntlet, issue 2.

















Create Your World” 2014

Created this piece on Friday for a small local art contest at Williamsburg Artist and Craftsman Supply. The winner gets a nice new easel to take home with them, something I would definitely like to have as my pieces are starting to get bigger and leaning them against things in my house is getting tricky. So, to anyone who’d like to help out in that department, all you have to do is like the image on facebook in the competition page. Link is Here.

Also, if you havent already, would appreciate any and all likes/follows on my FB art page, James Groeling Art

Thanks all. More updates coming soon.


This project was commissioned by Indoor Extreme Sports of Queens. They recently started doing archery tag as one of their play options and wanted something to spruce up that section of the location with the right theme. Also got to play a few games of it and had a ridiculous amount of fun.

Basically I did a sketch of the figures, painted them in, and then using spray paints, I did the various build up of the camo print in the background. The pink was the request of the owner, as much of the other areas are a darker color and theme, so he wanted something very light in this area. At first I was a little hesitant, but in the long run it does look pretty cool.

The figures first:

And then the full layout (as well as I could photograph) of the wall.


Another aspect of the archery tag is that there is a blacklight part of the game where the arrowheads (the large foam bumpers) glow in the dark, as do the zombies that are coming after you,… yes that’s right, glow in the dark zombie archery tag. Mind BLOWN! Which is also amazingly fun.

To make the imagery of the mural visible while the black-lights are on, we ordered some black-light paint, and I got to do some simple highlighting with it. Didn’t want the whole wall to be glowing, just a little something there which looked cool.
Unfortunately, black-light paint does not photograph all that well with my camera, so I took these shots and then did a little image adjustment afterwards so you can see a little better. Still not super clear, but understandable. It looks better in person, but you get the idea.




Fun projects at cool places. That should be all the updates for tonight, have a lot of things I need to get done, so have to go back to work. Thanks for checking the page, and come back soon, have some more goodies for you.

JG out.

Another one recently added to the little black book. New Years Eve, means different things to different people.


More things soon, just currently in the process of finishing a lot of projects at once. Yay for work, although it means delays on updates.

Over the past year or so, my schedule has been a bit filled up with commercial work and projects for others (which I love, and is what makes my job so interesting and exciting). However,  setting aside time to work on my own art has become a priority for me. The webcomic JDGAF is actually something I want to put more time into, and set up a separate site to promote it once I get some more pages done. My paintings have been a little neglected, but I am getting some sketchwork done for upcoming projects.

This in mind, last week while I was browsing the cheap racks outside the Strand bookstore in Union Square, I spotted a weekly planner. One of those moldeskin products that is pocket sized and pretty handy, a good find and very cheap too. I already have a planner though, but decided to get it anyway and do something with it. By the time I got home I had decided I was going to use the planner as a sketchbook, and fill each page with something to symbolize the week/day/etc. The first image I created was on the train to visit family Easter Sunday, and turned out looking like this.


I did end up sharing him on the various social media sites I use (quick snapshot), and have greatly enjoyed the interpretations that people post regarding his looks, expression, and demeanor. Was a really fun drawing to make regardless. I did learn two important things through this though. First being, that no matter that I tend to sketch very light, the ink shows through the thin paper of this planner, and second being, that even the thinnest of paint washes on thin paper tend to bleed through.

With both of those things in mind, the next sketch I did, I decided to give a full page gap between pages that I’ll be inking like this. As for the in between pages, I’ll likely go through those with some sketching in pencil. The second page was a backtrack to Saint Patrick’s day, and turned out fairly cuter than the rabbit, and a touch motivational as well.


Over the remainder of the year I’ll be filling this up, and backtracking a bit. Although, to be honest, my memory for holidays and dates of observance tend to not be the best, so there may be some obscure holidays, interesting observations, seasonal related thoughts, etc. The work wont be quite as personal as my sketchbook tends to become, but there will be a lot of interesting and close to the heart art. Be sure to check back often and see what else comes about over the year.

Happy March everyone. So, if you’ve been following my posts on various social media sites, you’ve noticed I’ve been prepping for two major events, the first, was the conclusion of issue two of my comic book titled “Gauntlet”. We just put out a 1.0 version as a short run release for MegaCon in Florida, however will be redoing the cover, and adding the stories to the compilation book that weren’t finished for print. It’s going to be awesome, but I can’t share too much from the release just yet (I may sneak out some images later this month)

The second big event, was finishing up some pieces for the Fountain Art Fair, in which I was showing in the Greyegg presents booth with a number of other fantastic artists of various media and styles. The history of the location is that 100 years ago at the same armory, was the first large exhibition of modern art in America, which featured a number of artists of the time period from Cezanne to Picasso. So I’ve now shared a piece of history with these greats 3 times (this being my third armory showing)

The pieces I put into this were mostly new, and smaller pieces, including a number of the vinyl figures that I’ve posted before, as well as ten small wooden panel pieces, and a large skateboard featuring a mildly terrifying clown. The reason for the pieces being carnival themed was that the booth’s theme was that of a carnival. Here are a couple shots of just our booth, taken to share.



Consider that most of the show the booth was packed, as well as the surrounding area,… pretty much most of the building. It was a great showing of pieces by all involved, with some really amazing artwork. Thank you to Greyegg, and to all the other artists showing in the booth who made it a successful venture for all, and an amazingly fun weekend as well.