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A very special All Hallows Eve from some of the locals in JDGAF city. Decided to make a special piece for what is still my favorite holiday. First a little line art for you. JDGAF_Halloween

Then, my colors, which I actually created and scanned in on different sheets of paper, all colored pencils. Sharing this one because I actually think it looks pretty interesting to see a piece of mine without the line work attached.



and finally, all of column A, plus all of column B equals,….


May your All Hallows be filled with Ghouls and Goblins, hopefully none too scary.

May not be back to updates until mid-November, as I’m leaving the area to do a sculpture install in Rhode Island. More updates when I get back.



Fresh off the scanner. This is a comic strip idea I sketched out earlier in the week, decided to ink it up fairly nice and make something out of it.

who doesn't wanna live next to a mini elder god?

For a while I’ve wanted to do an online comic strip, currently the time is not available for it to happen, but I think after the new year starts I’d like to have at the very least a new comic up every week – two weeks. Will see how it goes and keep things updated here.

The progress of this little comic goes a little like this.

rough pencil sketch

A very rough pencil sketch (also not the best image of it) no need to do more than this as I’m the one inking it.

Linework done with my trusty microns

Picking out the details in ink.

Ink washes to add some shadow and depth

I like doing my shading and pretty much everything else traditionally. The lettering on the comic is all done by hand on a separate sheet and then digitally cut and pasted where I wanted it. My handwriting may not be the best, but it keeps my work original, and I like it, so that’s about as much as needs to be said.

There will be at least one more part with this mini story, possibly a third if I decide to extend it. Then another mini (possibly same character(s)) but dont know if I’ll have time to finish the second/third til after xmas due to current projects.

Also, because he’s kinda adorkable, here’s the sketchbook variation of the mini Cthulu, I kinda ❤ him, but decided to change him a little in the final piece, might use this one another time though.


More updates by next week, adding lettering to the NYC paintball mural Sunday, and starting a new storefront on Tuesday/Wed. Possibly another storefront by mid month. Keep checking back.