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Karmic Driving:  1, 2,

Will also be getting another bonus comic on Thursday, because it is Halloween I feel like a treat is in order. Additionally, as I work on these more, they’re coming together a little faster each time, so I’m going to try and see if I can create enough to give regular twice weekly updates.

Also, will be updating some other drawing work, and possibly some painting work within the next week or two that is not comic related. As well as a wall mural that I did in a children’s nursery. Be sure to check back soon for the art mix coming from yours truly.



Karmic Driving:  1,

Bonus comic this week. Back to Tuesday updates next week.


Karmic Driving:

Welcome, as we embark on another story in the city of JDGAF. Hope you enjoy.

“JDGAF is a series of storylines featuring ever-the-oddball random events in the lives of a growing cast of characters. The location of these tales is the fictional city of JDGAF, which is something of a magnet for mutants, aliens, monsters, dieties, and people who do not quite conform to the norm. Needless to say, it is a place that seldom lacks in something interesting happening. Come, be a part of it, and welcome to JDGAF.”

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Here are some little poster images put together of the new figures that were made for the Carnival themed presentation at the Fountain Art Fair. The idea I was going with was loosely based on the Venice Carnival masks and costumes, which are both very beautiful, intricate, and often a little creepy. I may have turned up the creepy factor on a few of them because it’s more fun that way. Either way it went though, there was a lot of interest, and the booth sold several of the pieces I brought with me to display, of both these figures, and of the wooden panels that I showed.  So success was had and some of these little guys have new homes, as for the rest, they’ll be on my Etsy site later this week. Here’s the display at the event.


Clockwise from the Top Left: Humpty, Biscuit, Harlequin, Classy, Giggles, Argh the Pirate, Fumin’ Foomi, Grim, Yinnie, Blockhead the Ninja.

of the 10 displayed, 7 were new just for this show, the other three I’ll eventually make posters like these for as well, and then share those in a new page under artwork. But for now, here’s the sexiness that was these little weird fellas.














That should hopefully whet your appetites for now. More stuff to post this week, but not sure when I’ll have time to get back on just yet. However, you will be able to see, new JDGAF, some commissioned work, a sneak peek at Gauntlet, and possibly some shots of the current mural project all in the very near future. So check back in soon.

-JG out


Busy month so far, but here’s a good one to whet your whistle.

Tuesday of this previous week I started an illustration project for Brutal Bitches Productions, a metal music concert organizing company based out of the Bronx. Was told to do something with a sexy metal chick, surrounded by carnage. But had to do it in a way that there would be enough room for the band logos and event info to not completely block the imagery.
Send one sketch, that was rejected, so then sent this one as a thumbnail, and got an okay to work with it.

“Just make it sexy, add some decapitations, and monsters, okay?”

I think I should have no problem with that, *wicked smile*. Have I mentioned that I love what I do?



Next step was some rough sketching and then adding ballpoint linework over the pencil so I could erase and have a clean working surface, so that line art became this….




The original idea was to stick to a mostly black and white image to make it very bold, and include some splashes of color, so I started working in my shading using varying grays. Pretty much just acrylic washes of payne’s gray to build up what I wanted it to look like in a basic sense.



Then,… well it was decided that full color would be so much cooler as the band logos look pretty crazy in color and the illustration had to work with them and not be completely obscured by them. So started laying in color washes over the gray shading, and that ended up coming out along these lines.



A few more washes to close out some of the white spots and darken some spots I wanted to set back, and then the next real part was the outlines in micron on the things that were more foreground prevalent. Basically the outlines on the figure (Metal Goddess) and her hair were in black micron, which is basically like a really fine tipped marker for line art. The background buildings and figures got touched up with more ballpoint so as not to compete too much with the foreground.



The last thing I did before sending it off to BBP was to adjust the levels digitally so the dark parts were even darker and the color a little sharper. For illustration projects I generally go this route, because that way I’m not physically working everything so dark that it can’t be changed if necessary.

After sending the file on Thursday, yes Tuesday night til Thursday morning, was a quick turnaround for this piece (read: very little sleep) had to wait til today to see the fully edited version. With the colors and the logos it looks pretty sick indeed. All in all cool project with a fun conclusion. Hopefully the event is as metal as the poster.  \m|_    Like BrutalBitchesOnFacebook     _|m/


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The client for this one requested a custom gift box for a friend’s magic the gathering cards. She wanted the artwork based heavily off of a specific magic card. “Ghost Council of Orzhova” is the card title, and the artist is Greg Staples, which is pretty much an awesome image . Since a direct reproduction is not in my interest, at all, I talked her into letting me do something very similar but more in my own style.

So the finished piece, now being a wider wrap around, definitely emulated the feel of the original idea, while being changed up enough (architecture is completely different, characters are drawn in basically same layout but more and different clothing and looks) to still hold the same dark foreboding feel without being a repro. Comes around as a wrap to the recipients name, which is part of the point of getting a custom job.

Here’s the sketch work on this which I then transferred onto the primed tin and painted.

Box after pencil transfer from paper sketch.

And the finished product, which came out pretty cool in my opinion.

(note: The image quality on these shots isnt the best, shot with an ipod touch at the moment, however will have a new digital camera after holidays for far better image quality of future projects. So bear with me and more things will come.

Front figure w lid open

The right side

Back with name

Back with lid open

Left side wrap to front

For those interested, the approximate dimensions of this box is 3″ wide x 2.10″ Deep and 4″ Tall. Also this is pretty much what it looked like before i did my work on it.

<- untouched Deck Vault from ultra-pro. -> Commissioned box with art.

Today/Tonight’s post was supposed to be put up yesterday, but I had a little bit of technical trouble with my PC briefly, so it’s up today instead.

What I’ve got to show you this time is two older pieces that haven’t been posted online before. They’ve both been shown in galleries already, and have had different opinions voiced on what they are and what they’re about.

First I have the safe for work image.

“Leaving Behind the Ghosts of the Past” -2010

This piece was done over a series of weekly sessions at a friend’s bar. Basically go in, get a canvas board, some paint, and some beer. That was my Monday night treat for a while around December of 2010. This piece is the product of that time, which is why the texture is different, the colors are not blended as well, and why the painting approach is a weeee bit looser than much of my older pieces.

The concept here was not planned, but rather it happened as I continued to paint. Much of my work ends up happening that way, although I start with sketches, get the basic idea, and then add to it in the painting. No sketch here.

The character, Janus, aka “Jimmy Rabbit”, is a comic character that I created in the likeness of myself in order to have a not-quite-self-based story, but to still include a lot of references and influences of my own life, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I’m scared of and what I hope for. The comic series itself is currently on issue two (in progress now), but will continue into a long series I think.

Anyway, what this piece in particular is showing, is (spoiler if you like to keep your own interpretation as the only) Janus walking past old wraith-like figures. Zombies is the general idea, but I think they are more the shells of old figures and faces and less ‘undead trying to eat brains’ types. Janus is walking toward the viewer and away from these figures, a small smile is starting to appear on his face in the form of a slightly curled lip. The smile was a representation of a new freedom, a saying goodbye to the old ghosts and demons of ones past, no longer being haunted by old memories, and instead walking into the light of a new chapter in ones life.

My images may not always seem to be positive, but you’d be surprised at how many really do have positive ideals integrated into the meaning. Seems like I’m one of those people that can see light in the dark, and beauty in the disturbing, and frankly I’m not going to change that.


Image number two, this one is probably NSFW as there is some nudity and sexual content…. I need one of those ESRB stickers here.

Another image that isn’t quite what people seem to think it is, and I find that very interesting, as I usually do. Also note, this is older than the first piece I showed, this was from mid November.

(spoiler) (scroll down for image if you’d like to see before the explanations)

What this was intended as, was a piece about self knowledge and self expression. The title is “Prayer to the Unrealized Goddess” wanna guess which one is praying and which is the goddess? haha. So, visually, we have two figures:

First, a demonic male figure, obviously a demon, very expressive and colored as to what he is, sitting atop a skull mound. His bright and patterned colors are meant to express beauty even in a darker form, (if you look closely at the wing pattern you realize that there is actually a heart shape n the wings, both as individuals, and a larger encompassing of both wings) the skulls represent death, but not the morbid end of life death that people usually associate skulls with, death as a change, and difference. and in this case change is something that this figure is accustomed to and has integrated into his life.Physically he is both holding up and pulling in the female figure, in a way he is praying, he is giving something to her, of which he is content.

The second figure, the woman, is the unrealized goddess. What you can see is two individual sets of wings emerging from her. There is the set that hangs lower, that mirrors the shape of the male demon’s wings and even embraces his, but lacks the color or patterning in any visible way. The second set is shown up and open, angelic in appearance but with darker patches, not quite pure and white, but almost as unremarkable as the first set of wings. Physically she is pulling the demon’s head toward her, clutching his horns as handle bars of sorts as she appreciates his ‘prayer’, but her head is facing up and over him, they are physically connected, but they are each in their own world in a way. Additionally her head is wreathed by a golden crown of sorts, which is barbed with a series of horns (similar to those of the demon). Lit from above she seems to be an in between of both demon and angel, she hasn’t come to terms with which world she belongs in, nor which she wants to be in. Thus the ‘Unrealized goddess’

It is essentially a piece about a relationship in which one is content with who and what they are and wants the other to be happy, where the lover is not sure what it is that makes them happy, nor what they are, or who they want to be. To me, sex can tell you a lot about a person, and I was trying to capture a message in this image of a specific moment, an intimate moment, on display in a non-vulgar way, but still something that most would not see. (cuz y’know, you can’t really find angel mixes and demons doing this kinda thing just anywhere, that’s why you come see what I’m working on, isn’t it?)

The image:

“Prayer to the Unrealized Goddess” – 2010

So that’s a flashback moment and an explanation of some older images of mine. Feel free to either have read and appreciated those, or to have completely ignored them and kept your own interpretations. If you feel like sharing, I’m always interested in what other’s interpret my work as.


JG out.