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Viking: Character Design Challenge 2016

Just finished for a Viking character design contest on Facebook in this group.
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Fun and relatively quick piece to put together.
The concept on this one was a Viking protector, and his young charge. The girl is the future queen, and as such, is both a child, and still armed and willing to fight.
Micron line work, with acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

Have a few different things in the works at the moment, so will be updating sporadically with new things. Check back soon.

~JG out.


I’m back! I’ve been a bit busy with work for a while and havent been around. A couple trips to Texas in the past two months (Houston and Austin) for art installations, and a number of commissions back to back.
The commissions I’ll upload as soon as I get the okay from the clients to do so. Also working on new JDGAFs and a comic for an art collection book of stories, as well as some paintings, small and large, and a number of ink drawings. The ink drawings I can share here now, because I feel like you may be going through some art withdrawals by your favorite JG.

So, be sure to scope out these new pieces, and keep an eye out for a week of various intermittent uploads.



micron and ink on paper, 2014



“Reflective Savage”

micron and ink on paper, 2014



“Gribble says Hi”

micron and ink on paper, 2014

Want to know what an artists finds to be the best kind of commission ever? When you say, I want to spend $X, draw me something.

Why would an artist appreciate that? First and foremost because it shows that not only does the person really enjoy your artwork, but they also trust that you’ll make them something that is both true to your work, and awesome as a visual. Second, because that means no sketch confirmations, no questions on the who?, what?, where?, when?, or why?. Just sit down, and make something happen. It’s without a doubt one of the best ways to do it.

Anyways, yes, I have a couple of these coming in the near future, which makes me happy, but here’s the first.

She is based roughly on the character from the “Slayer” skateboard, I was going for a younger version of her. Frankly, I think she’s a hot little number of bad-assery, and the hair, oh man, that hair, is a longer variation of the Slayer style, and a little reminiscent of X-men’s Storm when she went awesome and was rocking a mohawk for a while. Although I think she had an even cut and shaved sides. Oh well, it was still awesome. (And yes I just made a comic book reference, don’t even act like you’re shocked that I know this)
All in all, cool drawing, happy client, more to come.