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Some time around the end of last year or beginning of this year (not 100%) I was asked by an awesome couple to do some art for them. The request was to do a silhouette of a fairytale like tree, and a little girl on a swing set. Also, it was to be painted in the bedroom of their upcoming baby girl.

Will say a couple things about this, first, the couple and their family were amazing, making sure this particular artist was well fed and had anything I wanted to snack on, which is always a plus.  Second, and more important, it’s a great feeling when someone is confident enough in your abilities as an artist that they will hire you on to do something you’ve not done before. For a client to have that faith in my abilities is motivation in itself. Thankfully I didn’t disappoint, and they were super happy with the end result.

(click images for larger view)

Wide Angle

Tree Story

Swing time

Alexandra's Bed

Additionally, since Alexandra was born, they’ve also included me as a recipient of baby picture holiday cards. Which is kind of an awesome thank you in it’s own right. Glad to see that their beautiful baby girl is enjoying her fairytale bedroom.


New Neighbor Storyline – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

So, this should be the first one on the actual schedule. This of course is assuming I have properly deciphered the strange language of friend computer. (Just so you know, that means its about 50/50). Hopefully I got this right, because I have a couple others set on timers, so there will actually be regular updates! For any additional news items, refer to the previous post on the homepage.

This is definitely the first time I’ve ever been asked to create a comic book character and/or football poster in one.  So, when you see the image you may get the hint that someone is both a Hulk fan, and a Raiders fan. Was asked to mingle the two. played with a few sketch concepts, including the hulk tackling other players (read: stampeding over other players), hulking out and tearing through a jersey, playing in a jersey/bellyshirt looking thing, and even a few sketches of him with a helmet. The last one kind of made him look like a topless space marine from the Warhammer 40k series, so was quickly cut.

Decided on a straight forward, fairly simple approach of the hulk running through a wall with a stadium just barely visible in the background. Was originally going to have a series of broken players behind him, but decided to soften the image up and make it family friendly,… well, at least as family friendly as a giant green dude raging through a wall can be. From what I understand it was well received and enjoyed by the new owner.

Now I’m kind of wondering if I’ll end up doing a Superman in Giants gear…. hrm….

Anyway, here’s the image. Enjoy.


Very comic looking I know, seems my work translates well to comic art, go figure…

So, seeing as I wasn’t keeping up too much on photography for the project over the 2nd week, these two are getting grouped in together. Here’s a collection of shots of what has been added to the project over the past couple weeks.


First is a look at the walls that I carved out. Door paneling has been added (which will also have a weathered/beaten up appearance), some shading evident on this one from where I started. As well as the line layout for a broken glass effect in some windows, and the addition of some props, plans, grass stuffed into spots on the walls. More to come.

Wall 5, also with added doors, numbers for the spaces, plants, the start of a small sidewalk instal;, and a grate which will be mounted over a window soon.

That’s all for the first side, still some small detailing and such to add, but have been working on second side more so these couple weeks.

Here’s the stone basing and texture being added to the bank building. (Note: all of these are actually playable buildings, for example, the bank has an inside that resembles an office building, with computers, desks, files cabinets, the works)

More of the bank, with my bags of foam (which will very likely be used to create rubble effects), the soon to be clothing store in the back, and a sneak peek at what will in the near future, look like a big, mean, tank.

This one is going to be the clothing store exterior. As you can see here, the broken glass effect comes out pretty friggin cool looking after some work.

Going to skip the restaurant building for now, as that is still waiting on some props before I can advance work with it. So, here’s the toy store/video store.

To give you a brief idea of what I started with. Gray based walls, which I then taped out my windows and such, basecoated a white fill for the glass, and then,…… a little work, and

presto chango, broken windows, and some beaten up building. Obviously these guys all still need detailing (to sharpen the battle damage, and to add the window fill) as well as the addition of props. window frames, molding, benches and other sidewalk shopping items. Will be pretty sweet when done.

The last wall on this side, which is the grocery store, was pretty fun because I got to play around and make a stencil to create the illusion of an AC unit, all out of tape (which I’ve been doing), buuuuut, this time I was able to build the tape stencil in such a way, that I could actually transfer it to the other side after painting. Which was pretty cool. Here’s a brief rundown on that.

Tape Layouts, and windows primed above AC unit.

Gettin down n dirty, as usual. (this is just so you get an idea how big these spaces are)

After a base of black, and some drybrushed gray lines.

Looks interesting to say the least.

After peeling the tape, and doing the windows. Still needs some highlighting, but you get where it’s going.

Tape after transfer, which was a bit of a pain in the butt to transfer in one piece, but it worked, so saved me a lot more time than a full stencil reapplication.

That’s the update for now. Project has been extended by the integration of different prop work and such. So hoping to have it done within another week, maybe week and a half. Check back for updates.

So, while I’ve been showing work through the Townhouse Gallery, I’m also creating some permanent murals at the second gallery location for the curator. It is pretty cool to have my work part of the permanent display alongside many other artists, some of whom I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet and show work with. All great people.

For this project, I was asked if I could work on a wall with some pre-existing artwork. Frankly, it just needed something else that the other artist hadn’t put into it. So I decided to add my flavor to the mix.
What was already on the walls (Not my artwork as I had no input or knowledge of it before I came to the space):

This is NOT MY ART

This is also NOT MY ART

Okay, so now that you’ve seen what was there for me to work with (note, the blue strips are the tape I put down to help me transfer my sketch onto the wall) which was  butterflies, a statue with red ‘stones’ and a heart thing. The lettering I decided was going to be more of a focal point than the butterflies. So I started my creation, and over a couple days, the blank background started to fill in with something from a fairytale.

The view you get while coming up the stairs

First of all, I wanted something to integrate the skylight that was there, and to stick with the lighthearted scene present, I decided a tree with flowers and little fairies would be most appropriate. Also, I don’t often paint lighthearted cute things, and I do like to sometimes when the situation calls for it.
Here we go with some details and explanation

Added some clouds below the butterflies on the stairwell area

This was actually the first thing I painted on the wall, just wanted something light and soft looking at the base of things to break up the monotony of the blue wall. So I went with this cloudlike approach, which I realized also looks very mountainous from this angle. awesome.

Still looking up.

Here you can start to see more detail in the branches, make out some of the flowers and possibly even see a small fairy or two. The most important thing for me was to put something under the floating heart thing, as it bothered me that it was such a central attention grabber and made little sense. Soooo, branch under it.

and from the landing

Think the lettering pops even more with the complement of greens behind it. I did try and paint things softer so they wouldn’t make the wall overpowering, which I think worked well.

more of the ceiling

The wires hanging above it are where the lighting fixture will be mounted when construction at the space is done.

and here are a couple little closeups of some of my favorite little ladies. There is a total of  8 of them, but you need to view the space in person the enjoy the fun of finding them.

just chilling next to a flower

This one you may recognize from the art show flyer I posted up last week (using a lower resolution photo) she’s a cutie. By the way these little fairies are about 2-3″ tall on the wall, so it really is a treat for those who take a moment to look for them.

also taking a breather and enjoying some flower company

There you are, that’s the first mural (although may add a few small details this week)

I think it came out pretty damn good as a way to work with what was existing on the wall without overpowering the space or other artwork. Success? You tell me.

~JG out for now. More imagery up sometime this weekend.

I’m now in some videos on the internet….. Oh no!

First we’ve got a short clip shot by my friend Rom while I was working late Friday evening in the cold, windy night hours on current wall

And then, a self shot video of the wall (still in progress) to show basically what I’ve been up to for the past three weeks or so.

Probably upload with some images of the current state of the wall Monday or Tuesday depending on schedule. If there are any progress images requested I can probably toss them up, but would be very image heavy so going to just put up the current (pretty much done, maybe some minor detailing, and possibly lettering added) imagery.

Thanks. for looking/watching.

Also, I’ve been in a number of photoshoots over the past couple weeks while working on this, should hopefully have some images and links to share with more shots from the photographers.

Out for now.

The endpiece of the paintball side, not quite done as of this photo.

Hey all, didn’t get a free moment to update the other day unfortunately. Work and social requirements. However, here is a teaser of what’s been going on recently.

First, we’ve got the above shot up there of the endpiece character on the paintball half of the outside mural I’ve been working on. This was an earlier in progress shot, still getting there. But you get the idea so far.

Next we have a shot of what is essentially my workspace at the moment. ladder and chair for holing my supplies, extra paint for mixing on the ground, and oh hey, there appears to be some painting happening on that wall there. I know the pics aren’t the best, but it’s night time shot with my ipod, better pics in the near future.

most of the groundwork down on the paintball half

And, because I’m so nice to my viewers sometimes,…. heres a daytime shot of the current state of it. Still need to darken up some spots and add some shadow, will be finishing up as of next week (the 14th or 15th most likely), should have more, and better shots up by Monday night/Tuesday morning.

most of detail down, just need to add more shading.


So there is it so far, a quick update for your viewing pleasure.